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3 Power Lifting state records in Pennsylvania .
Steve Silver is an actor best known for his versatile career that spans from voice over, emcee, to film and television performance. Complimenting his success in acting Silver’s expansive career spans into modeling, hosting, and supporting humanitarian efforts such as the United Nations High Commission For Refugees and Breast Cancer Awareness. Alongside Silver’s resounding efforts in community service, his avid passion for powerlifting awarded him three state records in Pennsylvania.

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Demo Reel - Steve Silver


Film (Date) Role
IMDb Jack Be Nimble (Post Production) Otto
IMDb Let’s Play (Post Production) Mr. Williams
IMDb Huntingdon (Pre-Production) Bill Shanahan
IMDb Clean Slate (Pre-Production) Art Renato
The Wendigo (Pre-Production) Rick Wagner
Poison’s Fruit (Pre-Production) Metellus


TV (Date) Role
All Hail Beth (2019) Doubledown Don
Signed Season 2 (2019) #1
IMDb The Sin Eaters (Pre-Production) Michael Kearn

Voice Overs

Emcee & Host

Fantasia Veneziana Magazine Awards & Gala New York, NY
Fashion Avenue News New Year’s Eve Celebration New York, NY
International Fashion & Arts Week New York, NY
West New York Fashion Week New York, NY
Le Coiffeur New York, NY
World Refugee Day Symposium Philadelphia, PA

Virtual Productions

2nd Chance At Life (Script) Andre
Tick (Script) Sergeant



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